Bumblepages is humming along

Bumblepages.com is getting busier and busier. We’ve added Chitika to our site finally!
Now we are going through some basic tests before we get ready to start allowing people to sign-up and use Bumblepages.com as an alternative to sites like snipsly.com, hubpages.com, squidoo.com and xomba.com!

See you soon at Bumblepages.com !

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BumblePages is building a nice site

Bumblepages is now working on adding new features to our site. We have added several working items — focusing on two sections of our content site. 1.) We have started to build out our articles on class action lawsuits. 2.) We have started to build out our section on English Premiership League.

Bumblepages.com is moving along! We hope that you will be able to sign-up and run with the bumbles!

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More on BumblePages.com Write articles for money

Bumblepages.com is a great new site, that allows you to write articles and produce videos and post them on Bumblepages.com for ppc cash.  WE have updated Bumble pages with a great new design, new log and new information.  Now we are still waiting on Chitika.com to allow us to put  ads up.  However, if Chitka takes too long, we may have to switch from Chitika to go to Google adsense.

Right now, Bumblepages has done a significant amount of work on class action lawsuits, english premiership teams — such as bolton, fulham, newcastle, west ham, aston villa and wigan and more information.

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More from bumble pages

We are still waiting on getting approved by Chitika.com we will let you know as soon as we can start up and get going!

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Bumble Bumble Bumble Time Flies When you are Having Fun

Hey all!

Your boy Joe Bumble is back in the house ready to bumble up a storm!

We’ve got a sweet new design at bumble pages that you should check out when you get a chance.  We are still waiting on Chitika approval, but if you like squidoo, hubpages, snipsly, xomba or infobarrel, you should love Bumble Pages once we get going and can approve new authors!

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Hello world Let’s get Ready to Bumble Around the Internet!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I thought I would leave my hellow world post up for old times sake! This is your boy Joe Bumble with my first post on Bumble.Wordpress.com .  Me or some of the other BumbleBros/Gals will post on wordpress from time to time; however, mainly we will just post to our Bumble Pages blog.

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